This is a website to let Adriana LaGrange know that her website domain name had expired and has been purchased by a non-political, private individual that lives in Alberta.

This is not a website paid for by any corporation or political party, and thus, it does not promote any specific business or political party.

This website exists to highlight the importance of technology in our ever-changing world and that choosing to not fund technology in Alberta classrooms will be detrimental to the future of Alberta.

This website does not collect any private information and does not use any cookies.

If you are Adriana LaGrange (the previous owner of this domain)

I will forfeit the domain and transfer it back to you if you donate $2500 to the Science Alberta Foundation, AKA Mindfuel supporting STEM learning in Alberta.

Email receipt of the donation to IForgotToRenewMyDomain@adrianalagrange.com and we can work together to transition the domain back to you.

Are you the previous owner of this domain? Click here.