Dear Adriana LaGrange,

You need 21st century technology in the classroom, just like you need it to renew your domain name before it expires.

Fun Fact // Domain names that don't get renewed get released back to the public.

When referring to the use of technology in Alberta's new curriculum Ms. Adriana LaGrange has said that students can code with "paper and pen", but it is obvious that Adriana LaGrange does not understand how technology works. Otherwise, she would not have let her domain name expire. This includes failing to renew the domain during the 41 day grace period.


Ms. LaGrange's draft K-6 curriculum is under a lot of public scrutiny for good reasons. One of the main reasons for the public backlash is because this draft curriculum is out of touch with the modern world that Albertans live in today.

Many educational professionals are calling for the curriculum to be thrown out and teachers have voted that they are not confident in Adriana LaGrange as Alberta's Minister of Education.

What you can do!

Alberta's educational curriculum is not a political issue, it's an Albertan issue. Whether or not you support Alberta's United Conservative Party, you should review the draft curriculum at:

Submit your feedback on the curriculum at:

Send an email to your MLA letting them know of your feedback on the new curriculum. You can find the MLA in your riding at:

Most importantly: email Alberta's Education Minister and let her know how you feel about the curriculum and maybe let her know that her domain name expired.


Leader of the Opposition Speaks

Jun 12, 2021 @ 12:11pm - Much has happened overnight, including the leader of the opposition (Rachel Notley) asking "who did this", and I have an answer. My name is Todd Willsie. I am a Cyber Security consultant, the president of Calgary's Extra Life guild (a group that raises money for Alberta Children's Hospital), and a creative director for Alberta-based creative gaming group (Endless Era Gaming). I am just an Albertan that wants our government to listen to us. I just so happen to also own the domain name

rachel notley asked who made this site. And it's time you knew who it was.

Adriana's Actions So Far

Jun 11, 2021 @ 3:10pm - Adriana LaGrange's social media profiles have now removed her old domain. While this is expected, I hope she finds it in her heart to donate to charity and get her domain back.

photographic proof that this website was indeed linked to Adriana's Twitter account

Alberta's Curriculum in the News


Jun 9, 2021

A grade of 'incomplete': Edmonton Public formally asks province to rewrite draft curriculum

The Edmonton Public School Board has formally asked the Alberta government to stop and rewrite the much-maligned draft K-6 curriculum, saying it isn’t age appropriate and doesn’t reflect the province’s...

Jun 1, 2021

Edmonton woman wants Black grandmother removed from Alberta curriculum draft

An Edmonton woman says the Alberta government is using her grandmother as a token of Black history and wants references to her removed from a draft new elementary school curriculum....

May 31, 2021

New Alberta curriculum would overload young learners when what they need is balance

Alberta’s Ministry of Education under the leadership of Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party recently released a draft of new kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum it proposes beginning to pilot in...

May 25, 2021

Indigenous leaders, elder feel used by Alberta government tactics to bolster new curriculum

Some Alberta Indigenous leaders and an elder say the provincial government has used them or misrepresented their positions to gain endorsements for a new elementary school curriculum they do not...

May 22, 2021

Alberta Teachers’ Association pass non-confidence vote on education minister with 99% in favour

Alberta teachers voted almost unanimously in favour of a non-confidence motion in Education Minister Adriana LaGrange Sunday morning. The motion of non-confidence was passed, with 99 per cent of delegates...

May 3, 2021

Edmonton Catholic School Board votes to not pilot Alberta’s draft curriculum

In a virtual school meeting Monday, the Edmonton Catholic School Board decided unanimously to not pilot the Alberta government’s draft kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum. Board members said they embrace...

Mar 30, 2021

'Deeply disappointing' Educators, parents voice concerns as Kenney defends new Alberta curriculum

LETHBRIDGE – Alberta’s new elementary curriculum may only be a day old, but it’s already coming under fire from some educators and parents. “It’s deeply disappointing,” says David Scott, an...

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